What is Running-Log.com?

Running-log.com is a FREE online training log for runners. You can use the log to record your workouts and track your progress. With a log, you can easily add workouts, track them on your own personal calendar, and analyze your progress with our detailed graphs.

Why use Running-Log.com?

  • View your training log in a convenient calendar format and see your weekly and monthly stats at a quick glance.
  • Track how far you've run in your shoes, so you know when to replace them and avoid injury.
  • Enter all your different exercise types: run, bike, swim, and more!
  • Create and join teams so that you can share your log with friends, training partners, and teammates.
  • Make your log public so you can share it with your friends.
  • Share your log on Facebook. (More Facebook integration coming soon.)


After you create your running log, you will be directed to your Calendar page--the hub of your log. To add a workout, simply find the day on the calendar, and then click the icon to add a workout. You can then begin tracking your progress using the Calendar and Graph views.

Calendar View
Use the Calendar view to see your workouts for a week, month, or a year.

Graph View
Use the Graph view to see how you have improved over time. The graph includes other mileage-based workouts, such as biking and swimming, so you can get a comprehensive picture of your overall activity.